Give Your Florida Home The Beach Look On A Budget

Beach decor is perfect for any Florida home and it brings a bit of the beach into your home’s interior. The beach style is casual, airy, and natural and it turns your home into the perfect place to relax. If you want to decorate your home in the beach style but you are on a budget, read on for some tips that won’t break the bank.

One of the cheapest ways you can give your home the beach look is with paint. The wall colors should be white or light blue. When you paint your walls white, your rooms will look bigger and your home will have an airy look. White walls brighten up your home as well and make an attractive backdrop to your decor. Paint is inexpensive and painting the walls is something you can easily do yourself.

Once the walls have been painted you have to start thinking about the kind of decor you want in your home. You want items in your home that come from nature and have a marine or nautical theme. You could hang interesting pieces of old wood on the walls that have come from ships or hang up prints of boats and marine life.

You can find driftwood on the beach for free and display it around your house. You could also collect sand dollars and place them in a marine blue glass bowl and display them. Glass buoys are inexpensive and add an instant nautical look. You could also hang ship steering wheels or paddles on the walls.

You want your home to have a unique and eclectic look but you want to avoid clutter because that will make it difficult to really see your collections. Use seagrass mats throughout your home and keep your furniture light. You can make or buy white or tan slipcovers for your furniture and add nautical themed throw pillows.

You don’t need to go overboard with nautical items. You are going for more of a beach feel. Don’t use heavy drapes on the windows and if privacy isn’t a concern, you could remove the window coverings so the light can come in. If you are lucky enough to live in Florida you might as well celebrate by giving your home a beach look. The beach look is comfortable and inviting and makes your home beautiful.

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